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Samuel Eto’o’ Expresses His Confidence In The Success of African Players in Europe

There are many African footballers who play in European championships. Some are on the job, while others are still struggling to find space.

While in Tanzania, Samuel Eto’o said that a lot of players can play in big European clubs, but they were scared.

“The players I see now in Tanzania are different from those of the time, but Mbwana Samatta, Simon Msuva, seem to be aiming to flee. I think players can become stars if they excel in the African Cup qualifiers. “ Said Eto’o.

“If they decide to volunteer and give up for their lives, they can do it, they can change their lives for a while,” he continued.


For Eto’o, many African players fail to get away from the weather, the academy, the health, the food they eat and other little things.

“There are things that keep many African players away from the situation they found themselves in. The player may seem to be able to, but he is unable to get away from his health, his food shortages and his inability to cope with the European climate when he has the chance to go on a trial. The most important thing that can help African football is to have several football schools for young people, to have good players who start as teenagers. Extreme discrimination in football, I was so frustrated in the various clubs that I went through, but every day I struggled to make sure I achieved my goals, thanks for being able to do it regardless of discrimination “ , he added.

Samuel Eto’o was on the side of Tanzania for the launch of the 5-A Soccer project, on the Oysterbay sites.

Photo credit: BBC


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