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“Samuel Eto’o Evokes His “Dark History” with Nathalie Koah

In a recent interview called “Samuel Eto’o without veto” broadcast simultaneously on the TV channels CRTV, STV, VISION 4, the famous footballer Cameroonian Eto’o son now retired, took this opportunity to go back to one of the scandals that has affected his career. A scandal that was revealed in 2014. The ex-pichichi was particularly vocal about his extra-marital life with Nathalie Koah.

Qualified by many as a pro-active player who has always defended his honor, the quadruple African gold balloon had never deigned to make any public release about it. Even when her former companion meticulously described her sexual preferences in the book  “Revenge Porn”,  he remained unperturbed.

Speculation about the reasons for its silence had grown strongly at the national and international levels. But today we know why he opted for the law of silence. Samuel Eto’o explained, “I never talk about this story and I would not do it today. It’s a dark story of my past. Many people have been hurt by this story. First my family, my wife, my eldest daughter who was old enough to understand some things. I do not go into the game of knowing who was wrong or right, it’s open endless debates. These are things that no longer exist in my life and that will not come back in my life. I drew a line on it, “he  told reporters.

Eto'o evokes his '' dark story '' with Nathalie Koah

According to the former Barcelona he had remained silent so far to protect his wife  Georgette Eto’o  who was very affected by this story. “If I go into what is true or false, you will be enormously surprised. But my goal is not to create a new controversy. I decided to protect the one I really hurt who was my wife and that’s what I continue to do. Because he is the most important person. Those who must know the truth, know it. It has been presented in many forms, I respect that. But justice has read the law. I tried to protect my wife as much as I could. What I did not manage to do before. It is the most important. I no longer open wounds that have healed, ”  he concluded

Eto'o evokes his '' dark story '' with Nathalie Koah

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