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Samuel Eto’o: A Lady Accuses the Former Cameroonian Int’l of Not Assuming the Paternity of His Daughter

For some time, Samuel Eto’o is the victim of attacks on social networks. The last one is that of a lady named Adileuse da Rosaro. The latter accuses the former Cameroonian international of not assuming the paternity of his 19 year old daughter, according to report by Abidjanshow who disclosed the information.

Our source reports that the young lady allegedly filed a complaint against the footballer in Madrid (Spain) before demanding that he recognize his daughter. Since the release of this Cape Verdean, the whole web that is boiling.


But one of the questions that many observers are asking is why has she waited until 19 years to file a complaint against the footballer?

In the wake, the supposed daughter of the Cameroon striker, named Erika, would have reacted in turn, claiming the paternity of the player.

“I had a father (his mother would have remarried at birth, Ed) who was not my father until I discovered that my father was a footballer. When I saw his pictures, I could not believe it. We are very similar and we have the same gestures , “she told the Spanish media ABC before continuing:   ” I would love to meet my brothers, because I am the kind of person for whom the family counts a lot “.

Other sources close to the former Barcelona striker say it is a montage whose goal is to tarnish the image of Samuel Eto’o, especially since the Cameroonian footballer has officially expressed his support for Paul Biya (85) at the head of Cameroon, who is seeking a seventh mandate.

For several activists, Samuel Eto’o had to be on the side of the poor and the underprivileged instead of supporting the Biya regime.

For now, the record holder of goals scored with the Indomitable Lions (56 goals in 118 selections) has not responded to all these attacks.


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