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Samsung Unveils its 2018 Lineup of QLED TVs in Kenya

Samsung has unveiled its 2018 lineup of QLED TVs in Kenya. The lineup was first unveiled to the world in March this year in New York and according to Samsung, the TVs are now in the country targeting consumers who want top of the range technology from their TVs.

“The latest QLED TV is most definitely our most innovative yet. The 2018 line up is not only sophisticated for the modern day consumer but also minds the aesthetics of their space. Its features include improved picture quality, design, connectivity and intelligence, creating a truly limitless TV,” said Samuel Odhiambo, Head of Consumer Electronics, Samsung Electronics East Africa.

The company’s 2018 lineup features new innovations that enrich the lives of consumers by reimagining how TV integrates into the living room, how consumers enjoy their content, and how they interact with their devices.

During the global launch, Samsung highlighted its groundbreaking design elements, enhanced picture quality, and intuitive smart capabilities. The 2018 QLED line empowers consumers to enjoy content without distractions – even when viewers are not actively watching.


The 2018 QLED TV features improved picture quality, design, connectivity and intelligence.

The standout feature for the 2018 lineup of QLED TVs is the “ambient mode,” an energy-saving function that allows the TV to elegantly display images as well as real-time information such as the weather or news. This is a major design decision made by the firm that endeavours to blend the televisions into their surroundings.

“Most TVs are turned off most of the time, so why not use this to show a beautifully decorative picture or some useful information instead of just being a black hole? Our new feature, ambient mode, lets you utilize the screen even when you are not watching anything on TV. You can use it to elegantly enhance your home or check the weather, news and time,” said Samuel Odhiambo, Consumer Electronics Manager, Samsung Electronics East Africa.

The feature is designed to work for mounted TVs when users aren’t watching a show or movie. Its main intent is to match interior décor rather than having the TV looking like an eyesore on the wall. To set up the feature, you’ll need to take a picture of the mounted TV via the corresponding Samsung SmartThings app. From there, the app uses a colour and brightness matching process to display the same colour or pattern as the TV’s surroundings. Users can also upload their own photos instead or use pre-set décor images, such as a photo of mountains.


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