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‘Safest Cities’: Singapore’s Crime Rate Is Now So Low That Many Shops Don’t Even Lock Up – Survey

Singapore was as of late positioned second on the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Safe Cities Index for 2017, coming in simply behind Tokyo.


In 2016, the island country’s police detailed 135 aggregate days with no wrongdoings including grab burglary, house break-ins and theft. That low wrongdoing rate implies numerous independent ventures appreciate little worry about shoplifting.

Truth be told, as CNBC as of late observed, numerous neighborhood businesses avoid potential risk when shutting shop during the evening.

For example, in the ground floor hall of a blended use working in the downtown business region, numerous shops don’t have windows, locks — or even entryways.

A Starbucks located in Raffles Place, one of Singapore’s busiest underground train stations has no formal entryways. Or maybe, a little rope demonstrates when the store is shut, and stock is all still shown and inside an a safe distance of workers.

But of course, surveillance is highly prevalent in the city-state, which boasts about 5.5 million people.

Last year, Singapore’s police force announced an initiative, PolCam 2.0, in which it will roll out tens of thousands of additional surveillance cameras. In it’s first initiative in 2012, the Police installed more than 62,000 cameras.


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