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Sadio Mane: Senegalese Star Rejects King Tag After Winning CAF Award: “I’m Not a King”

Sadio Mane has brought his sheer humility to a more daring spotlight after the Senegalese star rejected the “king” tag he was adorned following his victory at the recently concluded CAF award events.

Mane clinched the prestigious CAF player of the year award, opening what seems to be a prosperous year by beating off stiff competition from Man City’s Riyad Mahrez and Liverpool’s Mo Salah.

At the event held in Egypt on January 8, the sensational Liverpool star walked into the podium like a king, knowing well the stage was made for him and won the individual to the delight of his people in Bambali Senegal.


After the award, Mane sat on a big sofa with noble poses befitting of his majesty, taking pictures with his award when a journalist addressed him “the king.”

But Mane in his usual humbleness rejected the tag. He instead raised his finger up to the sky, meaning the tag only belongs to God.

“The king,” the journalist jokingly called Mane.


“No no no, I am not the king,” the 27 year-old star replied, raising his finger up. The lovely scene ended with both capping it with jokes.

Meanwhile, we had reported that less than a year after he was spotted helping the bus assistants offload packs of bottled water from the national team bus, more revelations have now emerged shedding lights on how the Senegalese star helped clean the toilets of Liverpool mosque.

In an interview with BBC in 2018, Liverpool Imam Al-Thabi disclosed that despite his high influence and obvious command of opulence, the 27-year-old Senegalese star came to mosque just like individuals.


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