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Sabrina Pasterski: Genius Who Built Her Own Plane At 14 Years Hailed As The World’s Next Einstein!! [Photos]

A genius who built her own plane when she was just 14 has been hailed as the world’s next Einstein. Sabrina Pasterski, 23, is already one of the most well-known and accomplished physicists in the US and is currently a PhD candidate at Harvard, one of the world’s finest universities.

Harvard student who built her own plane aged 14

And Jeff Bezos, aerospace developer and founder of, has extended an open invitation for Ms Pasterski to join him whenever she likes.

She graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in just three years, but her astonishing accomplishments started well before that.


While other teens were playing video games and sleeping in, Sabrina built a single-engine aircraft she had built from scratch in a workshop in her father’s garage. After the first test of the engine, one that took her 363 days to finish, she told her proud father: “It’s amazing, it just starts spinning. It’s awesome.”

Pasterski admits she is unlike many of her peers, having never had a boyfriend, smoked a cigarette, or had an alcoholic drink.

She said she does not use social media and instead spends her time exploring the concepts of quantum gravity and black holes.

Sabrina is being hailed up as a the “new Einstein”, a young woman whose brain works in ways few have ever worked and whose future is limitless.

She is next in line — behind Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein — to take the mantle as the world’s most talented thinker.

NASA is reportedly also interested in recruiting her.


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