SA Celebs That Are More Recognized Overseas Than South Africa

Toya DeLazy

Toya DeLazy was born and bred in KZN but she spends so much time touring the world that international fans might start to claim her soon (Not a chance, she’s ours!). The talented hitmaker has scooped international accolades over the years and even made history when she lent her talents to Cartoon Network for the Powerpuff Girls soundtrack.

Caspar Lee

South African YouTuber, Caspar Lee is an international sensation with over 7 million subscriptions on YouTube. He’s interviewed some of the biggest stars in the world and is currently based in the UK.

Candice Pillay

It was only when Dr Dre released the soundtrack to the film, “Straight Outta Compton” that many of us heard of Candice Pillay for the first time. The songwriter had been working in the States for a few years prior to her big break.

Troye Sivan

Singer, Troye Sivan has achieved international chart success but we can rightfully claim him as one of our own. As popular as he’s grown in South Africa though, there’s no denying that the bulk of his fanbase is international.


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