Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame Wants to Eradicate Hunger in Africa by 2025

President Paul Kagame called for collective efforts to end hunger on the African continent, building on the correct use of technologies to address climate change, exploiting trade opportunities and strengthening multilateral partnerships to achieve this goal.

The head of state made this call Monday at the Dialogue on Leadership in Food Security in Africa (AFSLD) underway in Kigali.

“We are moving away from the goal of the Malabo Declaration to eradicate hunger by 2025. In fact, since its signing in 2014, undernourishment has increased again in many African countries” said the president.

Noting that “nearly 20 percent of Africans are undernourished,” the head of state assured other leaders that the problem can be solved with the right kind of technology, partnership and cooperation.

“Here in Rwanda, we had problems with that (malnutrition). But I assure you that thanks to the knowledge gained with technology, as well as the support of partners and the participation of all, we will successfully solve this problem. If we can, everyone can, “he said.


He warned that “undernourishment will have a negative impact on today’s children throughout their lives” if nothing is done to fix it.

“The whole human development agenda in Africa is in danger,” he said.

While FAO’s 2019 report on the state of food security and nutrition says that 31 percent of the world’s estimated 821 million hungry people come from sub-Saharan Africa, Kagame called collective efforts between partners to put an end to this threat.

He said efforts will include climate change adaptation to increase agricultural production, improve national governance to end conflict and mobilize private sector trade and investment across the continent.

“Increasing agricultural productivity is essential to eradicating hunger and undernourishment. But food security does not stop there. We want a continent that really thrives in every sense of the word. And agriculture is undoubtedly the foundation of Africa’s prosperity. This is the greatest ambition we must have. We owe it to the generations who follow us, “he said.


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