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Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame’ Regime Treated as “Assassin” and “Dictator”

In the aftermath of the death of the Rwandan gospel artist Kizito Mihigo, the country of Paul Kagame is again summoned to the court of freedom of human rights.

Indeed, the Rwandan gospel singer Kizito Mihigo, who had been arrested on February 13, 2020 was found dead on Monday February 17 in his prison cell in Kigali.

On Friday February 14, the judicial police (Rwanda Investigation Bureau – RIB) confirmed the arrest of the Christian singer for having tried “to cross the border illegally in order to join terrorist forces which fight the country as well as for corruption” she announced on her twitter account. On social networks, misunderstanding rubs shoulders with outrage at the news.


“In complete freedom and impunity @PaulKagame
Kills and exterminates any discordant voice, under the hypocritical gaze of the international community, the singer KIZITO MIHIGO, found dead in the premises of the Rwandan police”, advises for example this internet user.

“The bloody hands of Kigali’s reactionary power have just strangled in his cell, a discordant voice. A murderous regime that directs the Francophonie. Peace to the soul of #KIZITOMIHIGO, his spirit will survive while his executioners will hang themselves in hell “, adds Claudel Lubaya, a former governor of Kasaï-oriental and close to the opponent Moïse Katumbi in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where the death of the singer also aroused excitement.

Kizito Mihigo, 39, is a Rwandan singer, liturgical songwriter, organist and composer campaigning for peace and reconciliation.
In April 2014, after having published a critical song immediately banned by the Rwandan authorities, Mihigo is arrested for “threat to the state”

Despite its acclaimed economic performance around the world, Rwanda is considered one of the most closed regimes on the continent. Its president Paul Kagame is commonly pointed out by human rights NGOs for dictatorial practices. But he always denied it.


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