Rwandan Seeks To Break Guinness World Record in Cricket

A Rwandan cricket player Cathia Uwamahoro will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for batting long hours (26 hours) in net in the women’s category.

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According to the New Times, 23 year old Cathia will make the play today at Amahoro Indoor Stadium in Kigali capital city of Rwanda.

“I have been working hard, being trained by Eric Dusingizimana who also broke the record for batting 51 hours in the net last year and I am sure I will make it,” said Cathia

England’s women cricket team captain, Heather Knights arrived in the country on Wednesday to witness this event and will be among the first to bowl. Rwanda’s Minister for Sports and Culture (MINISPOC), Hon. Julienne Uwacu is also expected to be among the first bowlers.

“Notwithstanding the immense strides that Rwanda Cricket Association has made towards the expansion and growth of the game in Rwanda, girl’s participation is still very low, which I think is due to lack inspiration in the game…  Probably after I have made it many will consider it a manageable sport and will start participating,” said Cathia, hoping to promote women cricket in Rwanda

The cricket player hopes to fundraise for the first international cricket stadium construction that is already underway in the capital city.

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