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Rwandan President, Paul Kagame, Receives Award for Embracing Science and Technology

President Paul Kagame awarded for his unrivaled achievements in embracing science, technology and innovation for sustainable development in Rwanda as well in Africa. He has been awarded during today’s launch of 27th General Meeting of the World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) at the Kigali Convention Centre.

TWAS which is a global science academy with mission to advance science and engineering for sustainable prosperity in the developing world, Kagame says is a clear demonstration of the power and relevance of increased South to South cooperation.

“Let me start by thanking you for the medal that has been awarded. It honours all the Rwandans whose hard work has got our country to where it is today. Allow me also to congratulate the prize winners just announced for their outstanding contributions to science. Your work will certainly make lives better.” Kagame said.

He added that throughout history, humankind has relied on science to find practical solutions to its challenges and highlighted that In the developing world in particular, science plays a critical role in socio-economic transformation by helping to narrow the gap between developing and the more developed regions.

27th TWAS General Meeting which is a showcase for scientific excellence in the developing world, will attract around 300 participants from over 50 nations. These include Science Ministers and other high-level policymakers from across the globe, elite researchers, and leaders from science associations, funding agencies and non-governmental organizations.

More than 30 years ago, TWAS was founded to carry out a vitally important mission of build scientific strength in the developing world and, by doing so, to improve life for hundreds of millions of people. Today, TWAS is recognized globally for its positive impact and influence.

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