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Rwandan President, Paul Kagame Calls For Africa and Europe to Work Together

Rwandan President Paul Kagame has called on both Africa and Europe to work together and foster a stronger relationship, both diplomatically and economically, to ensure collective growth.

Some African leaders are in Brussels attending the 2017 European Development Days. Kagame also held talks with Belgian Premier Charles Michel on various issues strengthening relations between Rwanda and Belgium which remain cordial.

President Kagame also visited an exhibition of “Made in Rwanda” goods where he urged Rwandans in the country to promote their own products to buyers in Europe.


“We had various discussions about what Europe and Africa together to carry out good investments in my country and Africa, when Africa does well Europe will do well,” Kagame said in a statement.
“I think in a sense where we are very much challenged and at the same time we are very lucky because having being part of the problem so deep into it, prepares you for the challenges.”

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