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Rwandan Doctor Wins International Innovation Award

Dr Paulin Ruhato Banguti


Rwandan anaesthetists, Dr Paulin Ruhato Banguti, has become one of the inaugural recipients of the WFSA Innovation Award. This is the first such award given by the World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists (WFSA). An official release by the organization outlined the awarding of this prize by stating:

“Dr Paulin Ruhato Banguti, Consultant Anaesthesiologist working at King Faisal Hospital Rwanda, has won the award for his countrywide anaesthesia practice network (APN) for education, mentorship and patient safety in Rwanda.”

Banguti’s APN facilitates anaesthetists and other healthcare providers across rural districts in Rwanda to communicate with one another and experienced mentors to ensure the improvement and maintenance of high standards of medical care through the organized execution of practice protocols.

Dr. Banguti outlined the significance of his project in a statement to the press:


“The APN is highly innovative in Rwanda where often health care providers work in isolation and hierarchy adds to a fear of speaking up for patient safety. Practice improvements are difficult to make without support. Simple protocols and checklists can save lives. Through education and mentorship, the APN supports anaesthesia technicians and other health care providers in improving maternal care in Rwanda.”

Dr. Banguti’s innovation is one of six projects to receive this reward. Other Recipients include Dr. David Peel (UK) Dr. Aruna Wickramasinghe (Sri Lanka), Dr. Neha Singh (India), Dr. John Hyndland (New Zealand), along with a team of doctors from Canada including: Dr. Christopher Hudson, Dr. Viren Naik and Dr. Emma J Stodel.

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All winners will attend a Ceremony World Congress of Anaesthesiologists on September 28th in Hong Kong at this ceremony they will showcase their project and receive a cash prize of $2000 USD.



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