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Rwanda To Host Virtual Africa Mining Forum

Africa Mining Forum hosts Ministerial Forum with DRC, Lesotho, Botswana and  Rwanda on 19 Nov - East African Business Week

Rwanda will on Monday participate in the first of a five-day virtual Africa Mining Forum.

Africa Mining Forum, is a premium mining investment tool providing a unique opportunity for junior miners and investors seeking opportunities in African emerging as well as mature mining markets,” event manager Elodie Delagneau said in a statement.

“The current pandemic has undoubtedly exposed some weaknesses and vulnerabilities of the supply value chain and will force miners to anticipate and mitigate price volatility and downturns in the future to encourage investors’ decision making.”

The Africa Mining Forum 2020 will take place in Kigali, Rwanda.


In a statement by Rwanda mines, petroleum and gas, a board Ministerial Forum with government representatives from DRC, Rwanda, Botswana and Lesotho during the event will give an in-depth view of how the mining sectors in these regions have survived under Covid-19 conditions.

The conference will also provide a venue for presentations and discussions on investment in small mining operations across Africa.

Due to the pandemic, Rwanda’s mining sector has suffered from a combination of lockdowns, reduced airline timetables and a global drop in mineral prices, according to the Foreign Brief.

Africa Mining Forum’s five-day, comprehensive digital line-up will include 12 strategic spotlights,women in mining,ministerial forum,matchmaking and mining market place.

Rwanda plans to revive its mining industry by offering incentives to junior mining companies at the forum.

Rwanda will allow mining companies to write-off financial losses associated with exploration costs for 10 years on annual tax return submissions.


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