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Rwanda to Get Faster Drone Models for Commercial Deliveries

The drone delivery company Zipline Inc, which operates blood supplies delivery in Rwanda, has released the fastest type of commercial drone on Wednesday, the New Times reports.

The new model has a top speed of nearly 128km per hour and according to the Keller Rinaudo, the firm’s chief executive, it will allow the firm to make up to 500 deliveries a day from 50 a day at present, bringing boost for delivery efficiency and markets.


“Our first gen system has made over 4,000 deliveries in Rwanda covering over 300,000km and delivering over 7,000 units of blood. This new system incorporates all the hard lessons learned along the way,” the firm said.

Meanwhile, the firm did not give the details on when the new drone model would start to operate.

As the pioneer in health delivery field, Zipline began its air delivery business in Rwanda in 2016 and has now covered Southern and Western provinces.

The announcement comes when Zipline plans to expand its service to cover the whole Rwanda and neighbor Tanzania.


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