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Rwanda Residents Can Become Rich, Making Toilet Paper And Nappies Out Of Banana Trees! Here’s how!

In Rwanda, bananas are the major resource available to people. How do they make money on them besides selling the fruits? These trees have the potential of making them rich!

banana tree rwanda

Sanitary things such as towels, toilet paper or nappies are hard to get in Rwanda. 3 students from the UK studied the resources these people have and came up with the cheap way of making those goods out of banana trees.

banana tree


The first thing you see when you look around in Rwanda are banana trees. They are everywhere. They surround you; they are under your feet. So, what good can they be to the locals besides providing them with food?

These students have researched the problem and came up with the solution. They figured out that banana tree trunks can be used to manufacture sanitary towels or nappies. The fabric gotten from their fibers is highly absorbent.

Women in this country are forced to use rags for their periods, and that causes infections, infertility, and even death. Making absorbing tissue out of banana trees is a very cheap solution to the sanitary problem. Moreover, that these things are quickly processed by nature, unlike the imported materials.

It’s an easy opportunity for the locals to start a business and provide ecologically clean and safe materials for local and even international use. The whole village got a chance to create a sustainable business! Watch the video and see, how they make fabric out of the banana trees.


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