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Rwanda Opens Its First Software Programming School

In Rwanda, the authorities are determined to create a new dynamic in the evolution of information and communication technologies. Among these multiple initiatives, the opening of the first software programming institution in the country.

The announcement sparked the joy of real estate enthusiasts who were just waiting to spread their talents.

Like some countries that are known in the field, Rwanda wants to contribute to the training of a new generation of young programmers who will certainly be of great benefit to the country.

It was the Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Isaac Munyakazi who made this beautiful announcement. He also said that the choice of future students of this school will be made solely on the basis of skills.

Thus, only those who have achieved good grades in STEM subjects (mathematics, technology, computer science, and information sciences) will be able to open the doors of the new institution.


The establishment reflects the will of the country’s authorities to make Rwanda a strategic axis of technology in the sub-region. The institution will be located in the Nyabihu School of Technical and Vocational Education and Training.

“This school will serve to build a knowledge-based economy and inspire young people to acquire the skills to compete at the top of a world in constant progress,” said Eugène Mutimura, Minister of Education.

The training will last three years with a six-month stay abroad to share experience. In the end, young graduates can be useful in local and international technology industries and companies.

The coding will allow the country to reduce public spending on the dependence of foreign companies to gain access to technological solutions. Classes start this year with already the first 60 students known.

The establishment has a capacity of 300 students per year. Agriculture, dairy production, leather tanning and shoe making are also aspects that will be addressed during the training.

Everything is turning visibly well in Rwanda in this field since recently the country has also launched  the AIMS, the institute that trains advanced technicians.


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