Rwanda Launches Education Awareness Campaign

Students at the Kirambo primary school in Burera district in northern Rwanda. Since 2004 Rwanda has expanded the education system with thousands of new classrooms and teachers. Rwanda provides 9 years of free education for all children. Many schools have two shifts. English has replaced French as the second language. | Location: Burera, Rwanda. (Photo by William Campbell/Corbis via Getty Images)

Rwanda on Monday launched a campaign for stakeholders’ engagement in educational transformation to maximize teaching and learning outcomes.


The first phase of the campaign, themed “strengthening stakeholders’ engagement in educational transformation to maximize teaching and learning outcomes,” is running from September 23 to October 4.

It is to reach 900 schools across the country including primary, secondary, technical and vocational as well as higher learning institutions across the country, Rwandan Minister of Education Eugene Mutimura said while launching the campaign in Kirehe district in eastern Rwanda.

The focus will be on creating awareness on greater roles of parents, parents committees, teachers, non-teaching staff, religious organs and local leaders, said Mutimura.

At a meeting with education stakeholders in the district, the minister urged teachers to ensure proper lesson planning and prevent absenteeism, class repetition and school dropout of pupils.

Education is the foundation of country’s development that is why there is need to ensure quality education for Rwandan students, Mutimura added.

According to the ministry, during the campaign, education officials, local leaders and other education stakeholders will be sensitizing head teachers and teachers to issues such as supervision of in-class teaching activities, punctuality and lesson planning in line with competence based curriculum standards.


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