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Rwanda, 7th Best-run Nation In The World!!

As we talk about good governance, Africa has consistently ranked last in the global class. Yetthe Continent is still well represented in all areas, with examples known throughout itshistory (Ethiopia never colonized, the empire of Mali, Ghana, ancient Egypt etc).

After the famous independence (torn or data), Africa has experienced in very very difficult situations (civil wars, coups … caused by …). These are difficult times, which led the Continentwhere it is!

But there is now some years that many countries of the hemisphere as (Ghana, Tanzania, Ethiopia …) despite their painful past, adopt good policies!

This is the case of Rwanda, a small country in East Africa of 26,338 kilometers, led by Paul Kagam , is now cited, for its sound management of public affairs .


Recently, a global report on good governance quotes the country a thousand hills.

According to the 2014-2015 edition of the Global Competitiveness Report, the Rwandan government ranks 7th place regarding the efficiency in public management business.

The country is thus faced with the Switzerland ( 9th ) or Luxembourg (10th ).

According to the World Economic Forum ( WEF ), which published the report, ranking theRwanda is in large part by the level of very low wastage regarding the government spending .


Shyaka Anastase , president of the Rwandan Board of Governance ( RGB ), and how he said the outcome of the report:

We are not surprised by this ranking, because it expresses the reality of what is happening at home. In Rwanda, there is an understandable process regarding the management and accountability, especially in the use of public resources

The boss of the Board continues its review by saying that the Rwandans have access tocrucial information regarding the Government Action E, the decisions of the executiveand how it sets its priorities and made choices .

In Africa , the Rwanda is followed by Mauritius which ranks ( 26th ) and South Africa ( 32th ).In Eastern Hemisphere, it ranks far ahead of Kenya which occupies the 51th position or Uganda ( 79th ).

But a question comes not in your mind, and the countries of the CFA franc zone? No, or they last!

I recall that the said report evaluates the effectiveness of the governance of 144 countries of the world on the basis of criteria such as the waste of resources , the obstacles to the regulation and transparency in the development of national policies.

Internationally, the WEF has surprisingly ranked Qatar in first, ahead of Singapore andFinland .

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