Russia’s Vladimir Putin: “Let Israel Not Test Us”

The tension is escalating between Moscow and Tel Aviv, which has threatened to hit the S-300s that Russia is about to hand over to Syria, which has already been targeted for a month not only Israeli strikes but also American, French and British.

According to the Lebanese newspaper,  Addiyar,  the Russian president, Vladimir Putin has issued a strong warning to Israel, in response to Israeli threats in recent days. “Any strike against the S-300 in Syria would be considered an attack against Russia (…) who would not hesitate to replace the S-300 with S-400 and S-500.”

Addiyar  said it was the first time in those few days of uttering threats of destruction of the S-300 to deliver to Syria that President Putin was speaking. And force to note that as usual, Putin waits before answering and do so in a firm and straightforward way.


Putin added: “If Israel makes the mistake of hitting Syrian S-300 missile batteries, Russia will replace them with S-400 and S-500 missile batteries. And since this delivery will take place under the direct supervision of Russia, any Israeli strike would mean an attack on the Russian army. Israel has an interest in not putting Russia’s determination to put its decisions into practice. ”

From indirect interference in the form of support for takfirist terrorists in southern Syria, Israel has moved to direct involvement by engaging in face-to-face fighting with the Syrian army and its allies. More than 100 Israeli raids have been carried out since the beginning of the war against Syrian territory, the last of which occurred on April 29th. Russia is on the verge of supplying the Syrian army with missile defense systems that can significantly reduce the maneuverability of Israeli warplanes.

Source: With PRESSTV


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