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Russia’s Vladimir Putin Launches Exercises of Russian Nuclear Forces With Live Fire [Video]

Russian nuclear exercises with live fire took place in Russia on the orders of Vladimir Putin. They hired long-range planes and submarines.

Russia’s Strategic Forces on Thursday fired missiles into northern Russia as part of exercises launched on the orders of President Putin, the  Russian Defense Ministry said .


“Exercises of the Russian nuclear strategic forces took place on October 11, 2018 on the orders of Supreme Chief of the Armed Forces Vladimir Putin, ” the ministry said in a statement.


They engaged nuclear submarines from the North and Pacific fleets, long-range aviation bombers and missile regiments, as well as missile warning systems. tested its command system and controlled the transmission of orders and signals from the National Command Center to regional posts and military units.

The maneuver program included “ballistic missile training and cruise firing by submarines in the  Barents  and  Okhotsk Seas , as well as  long-range airplanes  taking off from airfields. Engels, Oukraïnka and Chaïkovka, “said the ministry.


The missiles destroyed their targets on Kura polygons in Kamchatka, Thija in Arkhangelsk region, Pemboy in Komi Republic and Terekta polygon in Astrakhan region. Warning systems and ground-based radars have detected all ballistic missiles fired by submarines.

The Strategic Forces completed all missions, according to the ministry.


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