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Russia’s Vladimir Putin Determined to End French Neocolonialism in Africa

According to our sources very close to the Russian presidency, following the recent meeting of heads of state and government in France on the occasion of the day based on peace around the world, Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly took advantage of the opportunity to remind the boss of the Elysee to put an end once and for all to exploitation without Mercia resources in Africa and especially in sub-Saharan Africa.


Without a shadow of a doubt, President Putin is really determined in his commitment and this is indeed visible especially in the Central African Republic where we see recently Russian soldiers crisscrossing alongside Central Africans.


”  After finishing with the full liberation of the Central African Republic from France, we will continue with a vast liberalization operation for Africa as a whole, ” said a senior Russian official.

It remains to be seen what will happen after this statement. Knowing very well that France depends on Africa’s natural resources to survive, is France going to obey poutine and definitely stay out of Africa?



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  1. Have you met someone snatching meat from a hungry hyena without a fight? The hyena called France has dug it’s teeth into African flesh and blood and is prospering and internationally noisy because of it. Francophone African leaders as well as all who wanted France to surrender Africa to Africans in the past have all met untimely coups d’eat sponsored by French leaders. Can anyone imagine African francophone leaders first surrendering their chateaux (castles) in France. If a debt is being paid for their colonization of Africa, as the French allege, how many centuries and generations of Africans will it take to repay an unjust surcharge? Did we go to contract them to come and colonize us? Africa, French colonies in Africa especially, shall be free only when their and other Afrocan leaders decide that enough is enough, and not without a fight. If Russia and China are ready to help, so be it. God of justice will fight on our side.,

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