Russia’s Vladimir Putin Cites the Real Causes of the Use of Nuclear Weapons

Vladimir Putin answered the question of whether a conventional attack on Russia could provoke a nuclear response from him.

In an interview with the NBC television channel, the Russian President explained the reasons for Russia’s use of nuclear weapons.

“There are two reasons that could force us to use nuclear weapons: an attack with the use of nuclear weapons or an attack on Russia with the use of conventional weapons, but endangering the existence of nuclear weapons. Russian state, “said Vladimir Putin.


In his message to the Federal Assembly on March 1, the Russian President announced the development and testing of new strategic weapons systems in response to Washington’s departure from the ABM Treaty and the deployment of missile defense systems in the territory of the United States. United States and beyond their national borders.

He notably mentioned the Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile, the Kinjal hypersonic system, the nuclear-powered cruise missile, and a submarine drone carrying conventional or nuclear ammunition.

The President stressed that Russia’s growing military power was a sure guarantee of world peace and that the work to strengthen the country’s defensive capacity had been carried out under existing arms control agreements.


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