“Russians and Ukrainians are One People”: Vladimir Putin at Oliver Stone

Charges of interference, American diplomacy and the Ukrainian crisis: the American director Oliver Stone once again interviewed Vladimir Putin as part of a new documentary called “Ukraine revealed”.

In a new documentary by American director Oliver Stone entitled “Revealing Ukraine,” Russian President Vladimir Putin talks about Russian-Ukrainian relations (among other speakers). “For my part, I think that Russians and Ukrainians are one people. We are basically the same nation, “says the Russian president, again interviewed by the American director, also author of” Conversations with Mr. Putin ” 

Ukraine: “I think common sense will prevail”

The head of state noted that Russians and Ukrainians shared common roots through the Orthodox Christian religion, which did not prevent him from stressing that Ukrainians had the right to have their own national identity. “In Ukraine, many people believe that they need to strengthen their identity, to fight for it. Here in Russia, nobody cares about that. Me included, “he said in this interview.

According to Vladimir Putin, these common roots give a “competitive advantage” to Western countries and Russia intends to use them in certain integration processes. And the head of state to explain that it is logical that the two countries will eventually come closer: “I think that common sense will prevail and that ultimately […] a rapprochement is inevitable.”

Agreements not respected by Washington?

During this interview, Vladimir Putin also returned to a telephone call exchanged with Barack Obama, at the height of the Ukrainian crisis in 2014, revealing the functioning of American diplomacy.


“As you know, [Barack] Obama is no longer president, but there are always things [that we do not comment],” said Vladimir Putin, refusing to reveal too much. “Anyway, I can only say that the agreements reached during this telephone conversation were not respected by the US side. I will limit myself to saying that and I will not develop, “he concluded on the subject.

US elections: Trump has better “understood” the electorate

With regard to Russian-US relations, Vladimir Putin once again reiterated that Moscow had never tried to influence the domestic politics of the United States. “I did not interfere at the time, I do not want to interfere now and I will not interfere in the future,” he said.

The Russian leader said that Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election simply because he had a better understanding of the US electorate. “[Trump’s campaign team] has realized that in recent years – say the last decade – the wealth of the ruling class and wealthy people has grown rapidly, while at the same time nothing has changed positively for the middle class. Those who organized the election campaign of [Donald] Trump and [Donald] Trump himself understood it well. And he used it, “said the Russian president.

A result that took Ukrainian former President Petro Poroshenko and his administration by surprise, they had indeed bet on Donald Trump’s Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton: “It’s no secret. They assumed that [Hillary] Clinton would win, and did their best to prove their loyalty to the future administration, and make a good impression on the future president. That’s why they made very tough comments to [Donald] Trump and supported the Democrats by all means. “

“Ukraine Revealed”  was presented on July 6th at the Taormina Film Festival on July 6th.


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