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Russian Scientist Unravels Vaccine That Cures ‘Being Straight’!..How True?

Homosexual Partners

Ofcourse As you would expect , this will be frowned at by majority of Americans. Mostly some countries would want to buy into it. Yes, especially the Islamic ones, but the number of countries against it will outweigh the countries for this scientific discovery. Russia however has been fighting homosexuality, hence the need for this discovery.

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Novosibirsk| Dr. Dimitri Yusrokov Slamini of the Russian Institute for Medical Science in Novosibirsk and his team of researchers have discovered what they claim to be a new vaccine which could prevent early symptoms and even cure humans from homosexuality, if treated at a young age.

Russian scientists developed the so-called antidote based on a 1959 scientific research published under the title “Organizing action of prenatally administered testosterone propionate on the tissues mediating mating behavior in the female guinea pig” by Charles H. Phoenix, an american researcher.

The study concluded that “INAH [part of the hypothalamus] is dimorphic with sexual orientation, at least in men, and suggests that sexual orientation has a biological substrate

Iran, China and Saudi Arabia have been the first countries to show interest in the new discovery.

Xenoestrogen are a type of estrogen mimickers found in synthetic or natural chemical compounds. Synthetic xenoestrogens such as PCB’s, BPA and phthalates have been also been found to have estrogenic effects on living organisms and to disrupt the endocrine system» explains Dr. Yuri Krutchev, who took part in the experiment.. Injecting specific quantities of testosterone helps to unset this artificial biological unbalance which occurs mostly in part, because of environmental pollution and an excess of estrogen mimickers in our modern environment.he adds.

The new discovery has attracted much criticism from lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) organizations around the Globe, yet a few country leaders have outspokenly showed support and interest for the research. Iran, China and Saudi Arabia have been the first countries to show interest in the new discovery.

American and European researchers have expressed much skepticism upon receiving the news.

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