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Russian President, Vladimir Putin Finally Explains Why Russia Re-equip Its Troops!!

On Tuesday, May 16, Russian President Vladimir Putin began a traditional series of meetings with army leaders and leaders of the military-industrial complex. Objective: To prepare a new federal armaments program from 2020 onwards, the development of which has already begun.

Vladimir Putin said that Russia had begun to re-equip the troops due to the need to strengthen the Arctic territories and the western borders and following the operations of the aerospace forces in Syria.


“The combat experience gained during the operations in Syria and the need to strengthen the Arctic territories and the borders to the west and south-west have required to specify the approaches to the re-equipping of the troops,” said Vladimir Putin During the Tuesday meeting devoted to the state command for the army.

He added that by 2016 the state order had been fulfilled at 97%.

“The army has received more than 5,600 state-of-the-art weapons and about 3,000 units of refurbished or upgraded war material. This has raised the rate of modern equipment in the troops to 58%, “the president said before setting the target to raise it to 62% in 2017.

Vladimir Putin recalled that the current weapons program was coming to an end in 2020.


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