Russian Military’s ‘Vomit-inducing Ray’ Captured on Camera for first Time

A Russian military device which causes hallucinations, dizziness and nausea, has been caught on camera for the first time.

The first-ever footage of the Filin 5P-42 in use was broadcast on the Russian Defense Ministry’s channel Zvezda.

It was filmed as the defence technology was tested in St Petersburg and shows the light flashing on and off continuously.

One of the Filin 5P-42s was said to be on board the Russia’s missile frigate Admiral Gorshkov which was spotted off the UK coastline last week.

The Royal Navy scrambled a warship, HMS Defender, to follow the Russian naval task group, including the missile frigate Admiral Gorshkov.

HMS Defender intercepted the Russian vessels in waters north east of Scotland and escorted them as they passed the UK coastline and sailed through the English Channel.

The ray is supposed to bring on nausea and dizziness as well as sparking hallucinations.

The Admiral Gorshkov, which is on its maiden mission, is alleged to have been fitted with the Filin 5P-42 visual optical interference weapon which can blind enemies and cause nausea, leaving them with feelings of disorientation and hallucinations.

It is said the “non-lethal” weapon fires strobe-like beams to disrupt the enemy’s vision and prevent an attack, and is part of an arsenal that includes guided Kalibr missiles.

Russia’s Ministry of Defence said the Admiral Gorshkov – named after Soviet Navy Admiral Sergey Gorshkov – is sailing with the supply ship Elbrus, the rescue tug Nikolay Chiker and the tanker Kama.

The Admiral Gorshkov entered service last year and is expected to join Russia’s fleet of ships in the Mediterranean.


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