Russian Military Aircraft Su-24 Crashes On Take-off In Syria, Crew Killed

At Russian air base in Khmeinim, Syria, a Russian military SU-24 aircraft crashed on take-off. The pilots did not have time to eject, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

“On October 10th, a Su-24 diverted from the take-off runway and crashed by accelerating to take off, when he was scheduled to participate in a combat mission from the Khmeinim base in Syria, in a statement issued by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Russian military aircraft Su-24 crashes on take-off in Syria, crew killed

The two pilots did not have time to eject and died in the accident, according to officials of the Russian army. According to initial reports, a technical failure could have been the cause of the accident.


The air base in Khmeinim, in the province of Latakia, is home to the Russian air force which supports the ground operations of the Syrian army against the terrorists of Daesh and Fatah al-Cham (former Front Al-Nosra). According to the Russian Defense, its planes have carried out up to 150 daily strikes on terrorists’ positions in the province of Deir ez-Zor.



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