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“Russian Mamoudou Gassama” Saves a Girl Suspended in the Void on the 8th Floor (VIDEO)

A video broadcast on the internet shows the spectacular rescue of a girl hung on the windowsill on the 8th floor of a building in St. Petersburg, Russia, by a man who descended to his height as a reminder.

This is a scene that is reminiscent of the rescue of a child by Mamoudou Gassama last May. On July 19, in a district of St. Petersburg, Russia, passers-by observed with horror that a little girl was hanging on the edge of the window of the 8th floor of a building. 

While the neighbors had called the firefighters to come and rescue her, they were preceded by a worker who rappelled from the roof of the building to the girl to put it in a safe place, as shown in a video for the less impressive. 


In all likelihood, the girl spanned the window but found herself unable to return to his apartment, staying suspended for about ten minutes. When the fire department arrived at the scene, the girl who was alone at home was already safe. It is not known where the parents were at the time of the incident.


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