Russian Interference: The Son Of Donald Trump In The Sights Of American Justice

The case of possible Russian interference in the US election that saw the victory of Donald Trump continues to leak ink.

This time it’s Donald Trump Jr. The son of Donald Trump who is in the sights of American justice. Indeed, the latter exchanged with Wikileaks private messages on Twitter for ten months, before and after the US presidential election. This revelation was made by The Atlantic site.

Very interesting exchanges


For ten months stretching from the presidential election period to the period after Donald Trump’s victory, Donald Trump Jr. exchanged direct messages with WikiLeaks.

Confirmed by the son himself, this correspondence was transmitted to the American Congress. This is the first time that direct links have been established between a member of Donald Trump’s campaign and Julian Assange’s site. Which site is accused of having soiled Hillary Clinton and John Podesta his campaign leader a few weeks before the vote.


In the exchanges, we can see WikiLeaks very urgent about helping the Republican camp. Indeed, he warns the son of the future president of the imminent launch of an anti-Trump site. Then, he advances to have something to harm Hillary Clinton by his e-mails. Then, he advises to contest a possible victory of Hillary Clinton.

Finally, after Donald Trump is elected, the site suggests to the son of the new president to act so that Julian Assange becomes the ambassador of Australia in the United States.

Wacky Theory

As a defense Donald Trump supports that it is just an exchange of direct messages between consenting adults. In addition, the president’s son has been cautious. Indeed, Donald Trump Jr replied only three times to the many messages of WikiLeaks, and this in a pithy way. According to Alan Futerfas, Donald Trump Jr’s lawyer: “These documents are not a problem for us and we can easily answer any questions about them”.

Then, according to the Law and Crime website, showing WikiLeaks as a Russian agent is a most unrealistic theory.

However, for the opponents of Donald Trump, this conversation is the proof of lies on a communication between the Trump camp and the Russians. Indeed, Vice President Mike Pence had in an interview denied any communication between Trump Camp and WikiLeaks.


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