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Russian Army Unveils Images of the Massive Peresvet Combat System (VIDEOS)

Announced in March by Vladimir Putin in front of the representatives of the two chambers of the Russian Parliament, the new combat system, the Peresvet laser, was officially put into service. The Russian army has unveiled some pictures.

In short videos released on December 5, the Russian Defense Ministry introduced the new Russian Peresvet laser combat system. On the images, we can see this mastodon out of a shed and deploy a laser and a large military convoy mobilized as part of a training. The test phases, the date of which has not been revealed, were carried out on the outskirts of Teikovo, a town west of Moscow.


According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the staff received “rigorous” training to manipulate this very sophisticated system. For now, the secrecy remains intact on the real capabilities of this new Russian weapon.




Vladimir Putin presented last March, videos in support, several laser weapons developed by Moscow. He then stressed the deterrence of this weapon against the threats of NATO and the United States.

Source: RT France


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