Russia Will Not Win The War In Ukraine – Germany Warns Putin


Germany has warned Russian president, Vladimir Putin to halt his war in Ukraine, saying he won’t win it.


Speaking today, May 26 at the ongoing Davos Summit, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said Putin has already failed in all of his strategic aims and Russia’s plan to capture all of Ukraine is “further away today than it was at the beginning” of its invasion on February 24 as Ukraine put up an impressive defence.

“Our goal is crystal clear — Putin must not win this war. And I am convinced that he will not win it,” said the German chancellor” Scholz told Davos World Economic Forum.


“The costs for Putin and his apparatus are enormous, and they continue to rise each day.We must make Putin realize that there will not be a dictated peace, Ukraine won’t accept it – and we either


Putin will only seriously negotiate over peace once he realizes that he cannot break Ukraine’s defence


The German chancellor earlier this month said that European Union must make preparations for rebuilding Ukraine after the war by setting up a solidarity fund to help cover the billions of euros reconstruction will cost.


“Rebuilding destroyed infrastructure and revitalising the Ukrainian economy will cost billions,” he said. “We as the EU must start laying the ground for a solidarity fund financed b


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