Russia Threatens To Wipe Israel Out Of “Ukrainian Genocide” Case

Russia’s deputy ambassador to Israel, Leonid Frolov, warned on Wednesday against the proposal for a law in Israel to formally recognize the “genocide of Ukraine” case during the former Soviet Union.


The law of the Israeli regime has been proposed to recognize the death of millions of Ukrainians in the early 1930s as “genocide”.

“This is not a good time to discuss this case,” said the Russian diplomat, who said the case would be a “bad move” by the Israeli parliament.

An Israeli lawmaker has proposed this law and asked that December 6 be named “Ukrainian genocide commemoration day”.

From 1932 to 1933, several million Ukrainians died from famine, which affected all of the Soviet republics.

In 2006, Ukraine demanded that the international community recognize the Holodomor, which means “extermination by hunger” or “induced famine”.

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