Russia: This is The Fearsome Position of Vladimir Putin in Case of Nuclear War

Vladimir Putin recently spoke at a press conference held at the Valdai Club in Sochi (South West). The Russian president has given the position he will adopt in case of nuclear war.

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For Putin, any aggressor wanting to hit Russia with atomic weapons will be ”  destroyed  ” he launched before continuing ”  The aggressor must understand that punishment is inevitable (…). And we, as victims of aggression, as martyrs, will go to Heaven. They will just die, they will not even have time to repent  . “

However, President Putin made it clear that Russia “can not be the initiator of such a disaster” because we do not have a concept of preventive strike “

”  In such a situation, we expect to be hit by nuclear weapons, but we will not use them  ” first, he said.

Vladimir Putin alludes to the new US nuclear doctrine, adopted in early 2018. It aims to provide the country with new low-power nuclear weapons called “bellicose” and “anti-Russian”.

For his part, Vladimir Putin ordered, in 2016, the strengthening of the nuclear strike force of Russia, as well as a modernization of armaments. All this in response to the strengthening of NATO’s military presence at its borders.

Last March, Putin boasted in a speech to the Russian Parliament, the new invincible weapons developed by his country, raising fears of a new arms race with the United States.

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