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Russia Successfully Tested A New Missile Ssystem (VIDEO)

Russia successfully tested a new missile system (VIDEO)© Screenshot of a video from YouTube / Russian Ministry of Defense
The launch of the new Russian anti-ballistic missile


A new modernized missile of the Russian anti-aircraft defense system has been successfully tested by the army, according to a statement issued by the Russian Ministry of Defense on 24 November . The test took place on a test site in Sary-Chagan, Kazakhstan. Even though the army did not reveal what type of missile was tested, it did release a spectacular video showing the transport of the complex and its implementation.

“The anti-ballistic missile successfully met its target and hit the test target on schedule,” said Deputy Commander of the Russian Air Defense Andrei Prikhodko.

The Russian army explained that the new complex was already used by the Russian air force and was integrated into the Moscow air defense system. Russia is in fact one of the few military powers to have developed a fully operational and autonomous missile defense system, known by the acronym A-135 and deployed around the Russian capital.

The creation of the system began in 1971, and today consists of a Don-2N radar station, a 5K80 command post, and several firing stations equipped with 53T6 short-range anti-ballistic missiles. Moscow’s protection system is able to continuously monitor a wide radius around the city including even space.

In 2014, the Russian army announced that it had tested the components of a new air defense system, the A-235. In January 2017, Russian air forces revealed that a new short-range anti-ballistic missile could be tested in the next two years.


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