Russia: President Vladimir Putin Announces the Date of His Resignation

Vladimir Putin said on Friday that he would respect the Russian constitution, which forbids anyone from holding more than two consecutive presidential terms, which means he will resign in 2024 when his current term ends.

His remarks, made to reporters at an economic forum in St. Petersburg and broadcast on state television, are not a surprise and do not necessarily mean he will give up power in six years.

Putin resigned as president in 2008, after serving two consecutive terms. He ran again for the presidency in 2012, after holding the post of prime minister, a maneuver that he would be legally entitled to perform again.


“I have always followed the constitution of the Russian Federation to the letter,” Vladimir Putin was quoted by Reuters as saying.

“In the constitution, it is clearly written that no one can serve more than two consecutive terms … I intend to respect this clause. “

Putin was re-elected in March, extending his term from 6 to 24 years, making him the most senior Moscow leader since Soviet dictator Josef Stalin.

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