Russia Prepares to Test Its ‘RS-28 Sarmat’, A Super-powerful Thermonuclear Missile Capable of Shaving U.S. or France

Russia is preparing to test a super-powerful missile, 2,000 times more destructive than an A bomb, with the ability to shave an entire country.

In order to strengthen its deterrent capabilities, Russia has already started preparations for testing a very large intercontinental ballistic missile, called RS-28 Sarmat and nicknamed “Satan-2”.

According to the Russian army, this thermonuclear missile is able to destroy any kind of defense system, or even to shave an entire country.


The “Satan 2” nuclear missile is currently the most powerful ever designed, and no missile defense technology is able to stop it. In addition to its power, it is equipped with a stealth technology to deceive enemy radar systems. His official name is “RS-28 Sarmat”.
Satan 2 was manufactured to replace the old “R-36M” missile that was nicknamed “Satan” by NATO experts. It is therefore natural that his successor has recovered the nickname of Satan 2. This sophisticated missile can easily reach a target located 10,000 kilometers. It can contain up to twelve nuclear warheads. It could shave “Texas or France” in a matter of seconds, according to Russian TV news.

Credit: Russian TV news


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