Russia Joins The List Of Countries Capable Of Destroying US Navy!!

The US and other navies have always fought with “armed submarines to the teeth, equipped with Stealth technology against radar detection.” Now Washington will have to reconsider its tactics in case of confrontation with countries with these technologies, reports the National Interest magazine.

Military expert Harry Kazianis of National Interest has drawn up a list of armaments capable of destroying the US naval fleet: it includes Russian, Chinese and Swedish submarines.

“Nuclear missile submarines (SNLEs) carrying ballistic missiles, aircraft carriers and warships under the command of the most capable military are nothing compared to a theoretical confrontation with the Russian, Chinese , Iranian or other adversaries, “writes the author.

The latter notes that, following the design of ultra-silent diesel electric submarines, Washington will have to reconsider its tactics in the face of confrontation with countries with such technologies.

In the course of contemporary history, the US and other navies have fought with “armored submarines with Stealth technology against radar detection”. In 2005 the US Navy became aware of this problem and asked for help from its allies, after which the Swedish submarine HMS Gotland came to California for a year to test the interaction of a Such submarine with an American carrier group.


“It turned out that these submarines, cheaper in construction compared to standard nuclear submarines, have caused confusion in the US ranks,” the article said. In fact, Swedish submarines practically sunk the great American attack submarines, destroyers, frigates and cruisers.

However, all ultra-silent diesel submarines had not been tested by the US during the tests. In 2006, the Chinese multi-purpose submarine of Song class built partly with Russian and Western technologies, but less sophisticated than the Swedish Gotland, tracked the US aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk stationed in Japan in the China Sea Eastern region near Okinawa, without even being identified. The Chinese submarine was noticed only when it resurfaced five miles from the aircraft carrier. “Such submarines are equipped with anti-ship missiles and self-guided torpedoes that can not be trapped,” the article said.

“Speaking of modernity, Russia has doubled the pitch in the development of its navy. Moscow is working on an even more lethal class of submarines, “writes the author. There are issues of the new electric diesel submarines project 677 Lada equipped with Stealth technology.

Earlier Russian naval shipbuilding chief Vladimir Triapitchnikov announced that the submarine of the 677 Lada project would be “much quieter than the submarines of the current 636 Varchavianka project”, yet already nicknamed “the black holes ” around the world. The article points out that Lada class submarines are intended to defend the coastline, surveillance and reconnaissance flights and can be used as a floating base for special forces. Project 677 is the first non-nuclear submarine equipped with cruise missile launch systems, reports the article.



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