Russia Issues Third Warning Against US Cooperation With Terrorists

When the Syrian army crossed the Euphrates to liberate the oil and gas fields east of Deir Ezzor, the United States countered this initiative. They sent a small army of tribal Arab mercenaries allied to the Islamic state (EI). These supplemental forces came from a Nordic leadership and moved through areas held by the Islamic state without fighting or casualties to the walls of the town of Deir Ezzor.

The Syrian army was about to win the race as it started crossing the Euphrates but was suddenly surprised by a large Al-Qaeda attack in Idlib province in the south of the country .This area was calm for months. 29 Russian soldiers guarding the de-escalation area were almost surrounded by Al Qaeda forces. They escaped only after an emergency relief operation cut Al-Qaeda lines. The Russian defense ministry accused the United States of having communicated the Russian squadron’s position to Al-Qaeda.

Shortly afterwards, a Russian general, visiting the town of Deir Ezzor to supervise the passage of the Euphrates bridge, was subjected to mortar fire extremely well directed by the Islamic state. The general and two other high-ranking officers were killed. During years of fighting around Deir Ezzor, the EI had never shown the ability of such a precise strike.Someone had to communicate with the terrorists and had to transfer the exact position of the headquarters, as well as the time of the visit of the Russian general.

A week later, a targeted attack of the EI on the main supply road between Palmyra and Deir Ezzor was carried out by a large number of EI forces. They tried to retake Al-Suknah between the two cities. The Russian Defense Ministry claims that the IO forces attacked from the southern al-Tanf areas near the Jordanian border that are under the control of US forces. If the EI took Al-Suknah, the Syrian-Russian contingent present at Deir Ezzor would be cut off. As a result of these three attacks, the Syrian-Russian movement towards the oilfields of the east has almost stopped. US suppletive forces slowly took control of the region.

It seems clear that the US military is once again cooperating with terrorist groups in Syria.There must be at least some flow of information between the US secret service and Al-Qaeda and the IA. It seems that the data that the Russian-Syrian alliance shares with the US forces in Syria end up in the hands of the extremists. This explains how Al-Qaeda and the IA can suddenly and precisely attack crucial Syrian and Russian positions that are known to very few people.

The Russians have repeatedly protested and warned the United States not to continue their machinations. The third harsh warning came yesterday with statements by Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and a direct accusation against the US military by the spokesman of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

In an interview with the semi-official Saudi newspaper Asharq al-Awsat, Foreign Minister Lavrov was extraordinarily frank (the full interview was only covered in the Arabic edition).
Interfax summarizes:


“The activities of the US forces in Syria raise many questions. In some cases, these forces organize allegedly accidental strikes against the Syrian armed forces, after which the Islamic state counterattacks, in other cases, they inspire other terrorists to attack strategic sites on which Damascus has reestablished legitimate authority, or to provoke fatal confrontations against our military personnel. I would also like to mention many “accidental” strikes against civilian infrastructure that have cost the lives of hundreds of civilians, “Lavrov said in an interview with the pan-Arab Asharq Al-Awsat before the Russian visit of Saudi King Salman al- Saud.

These accusations, which come from a very high level of the hierarchy of the Russian Federation, should not be ignored. But the “Western” media have remained silent on Lavrov’s accusations. Only AFP has recovered a few snippets, but missed the central point.

The Russian Ministry of Defense was even more direct : A spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry said on Wednesday that a series of attacks launched by the Islamic state in Syria against government forces had been launched from an area close to the Jordanian border where there was a US military mission.

The spokesman, Major-General Igor Konashenkov, said in a statement that the attackers had precise coordinates of the Syrian government forces, which could only have been obtained by aerial reconnaissance.

Konashenkov accused the United States of “flirting” with the terrorists and warned that if the same happened again, Russia would take severe countermeasures.
While these accusations are flying and the relationship between the US and Russian contingents in Syria is deteriorating even more, Russian diplomacy is winning.
Last week, Russian President Putin visited Turkey. (At the same time, the Egyptian chief of the secret service was also in Ankara, where he met his Turkish colleague, and visited Damascus a few days later, the Saudi king arrived in Moscow yesterday for an unprecedented visit Meanwhile, Turkish President Erdogan landed in Tehran in an unusual friendly atmosphere.

Instead of talking about diplomacy and the growing risks of a military conflict between superpowers in Syria, US media are wondering whether Secretary Tillerson has treated President Trump as a “cretin”. (For the record, the NBC reporter who heard Tillerson’s belching claims he would have said “fucking fool.”

There have now been three major incidents against the Russian-Syrian alliance in which, according to Russia, US malignancy played a role. Each time, Russian officials warned of the consequences. To some extent, the hostility of the United States is caused by continual Israeli complaints. But the record shows that CentCom, the US military command in the Middle East, is openly aggressive and does not always follow the Washington line. It is high time the White House put the situation under control.

The bear is a docile animal. But it must not be provoked. There is reason to believe that the Russian forces and their allies in the Middle East have the capacity to surprise the US military by unforeseen and murderous maneuvers. If these US provocations continue, Moscow will have no choice but to order severe reprisals.

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