Russia is Preparing for Nuclear War With the United States, Asks Citizens to Buy Gas Masks and Water

Claiming that some Americans are preparing for an impending war with Moscow, Russian public television has told people in the country how to store their bunkers with water and basic groceries in case a war breaks out.

By warning that the potential conflict between the two superpowers would be “catastrophic”, a Russian Vesti 24 presenter showed shelves of food, recommending that people buy salt, oats and other products that can last for a long time. shelves if they plan to hide in a bunker. Powdered milk lasts five years, while sugar and rice can last up to eight years, explained the presenter before showing videos of pasta cooked in an air-raid shelter.

The beginning of the program was mocking the fears of the war, as images of nuclear explosions played in the background. One commentator said that “the real panic is not there but on the other side of the sea”, suggesting that Americans are terrified of a war with Russia.

Nevertheless, channel presenters also posted graphs explaining how much water people need to store, wash their face and hands and prepare food every day – and how that amount changes depending on the temperature of the food. shelter.


The program also recommended that people store gas masks and read guides on how to survive the war. The instructions are for “people who succumb to panic and decide to spend all their savings,” said Anchor.

The program aired a day after sources told Newsweek that “there is a great threat of war” in Moscow when President Donald Trump prepares to hit Syria in retaliation for the use of chemical weapons against civilians this weekend. The Trump administration said it believed Russian-backed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was responsible for the attacks and planned to have Assad pay the price.

Russian military responded by saying that Moscow would fire and shoot down all US missiles.

” If there is an American strike, then the missiles will be destroyed and even the sources from which the missiles will go ,” warned Alexander Zasypkin, Russia’s ambassador to Lebanon, during an interview with a television linked to Hezbollah. But he then reviewed the statement, calling for the end of the arms race with Russia.

Source: MSN


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