Russia Has Set Up A New Internet Connection For North Korea (Read Details)

While the United States is trying to isolate Pyongyang, a Russian state-owned company has established a new Internet connection for North Korea, the second after China.

A new internet link to North Korea was set up by the Russian state-owned TransTeleCom. It was detected on October 1 by analysts from Dyn Research, a company that measures global cyberconnectivity.

This new connection is in addition to that established by China Unicom, which had until now exclusively the routing of Internet traffic between North Korea and the rest of the world.

This new line gives Pyongyang more resilience in the event of possible attacks on the infrastructure of its network, according to Bryce Boland, the company specializing in cyber security FireEye.

The  Washington Post reported recently that the United States had carried out computer attacks on North Korean hackers aimed at depriving them of internet access, an operation that would have ended on 30 September.

North Korea has a unit of about 6,800 cyber attackers, according to the South Korean Ministry of Defense. She has been accused of numerous large-scale computer attacks, including the one carried out in 2014 against Sony Pictures. But with only one internet connection with the outside, North Korea remained particularly vulnerable.


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