Russia: Discovering The Secret, Luxury Life Of Vladimir Putin

It has been 18 years since Vladimir Putin was in power and he has already run for four terms. This former KGB agent protects his intimacy very closely. Although during his stay at the KGB, Vladimir Putin executed the orders of his leaders, today it is he who commands. Our young African confreres have tried to give an account of the secret life that the current Russian president is leading in a publication of January 17, 2018.


As for its heritage, our source indicates that the Russian president would have about twenty other residences, 43 planes, 15 helicopters, 4 yachts. Regarding his daily activities, Vladimir Putin gets up at 8.30 am each local time, after having settled the most urgent affairs of the state, he swims one kilometer, or chooses a moment of training of judo (He is a black belt, 8th dan: Teddy Riner is “only” at the 5th dan …).


He then dive into two baths, one relaxation (43 ° C), the other endurance (12 ° C), then immerse himself in his records until 3 am, sometimes in his private residence , sometimes in his office in the Kremlin, in a museum setting (marble columns, malachite chimney, etc.), where the computer occupies a very secondary place.

Stanislav Belkovsky, an Anglo-American dissident and financier, after doing business in Russia and being deported thereafter, claims that Putin has plundered his country’s wealth through a well-established system of predation and his stakes in large national companies. . Without hard evidence, of course.


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