Russia Developing Secret Weapon ‘More Powerful’ Than Nuclear Bomb – Report

RUSSIAN boffins are developing powerful new gadgets that could prove more effective than nuclear weapons.

Russia would develop a secret weapon “more powerful” than the nuclear bomb, capable of putting entire armies out of action, alarmed the Daily Star.

The British tabloid  Daily Star  is sounding the alarm, saying that Russian manufacturers would develop new powerful gadgets that could prove more effective than nuclear weapons.

The media reported that the Russian defense industry had designed a powerful electromagnetic missile, the Alabouga, capable of disabling missile warheads and communications systems on board enemy aircraft at a distance of 3.5 km.


Daily Star reporters claim that the missile would be able to block the loading mechanisms of the tanks, explode the artillery ammunition inside their turret, or even kill enemy soldiers entrenched at a depth of 100 m underground.

The media also evokes the Listva, a demining vehicle that could use high frequency rays to disable explosives remotely.

The media had already published information on the development in Russia of a powerful Alabouga electromagnetic missile.

Vladimir Mikhéev, Director General of the Radioelectronics Technology Group (Radio-Electronic Technology), had previously stated that the Alabouga was not a concrete weapon, but a set of top secret scientific research aimed at defining the main axes of the development of the ” radio-electronic weapon of the future.

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