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Russia Deploys Troops To North Korean Border, US Reportedly Backs Down!!


Alexander Gordeev, head of the press service of the Russian military region of the Far East, responds to speculation in the Daily Mail that Russia was deploying “its troops to the North Korean border.”

While the British newspaper Daily Mail had mentioned in an article Russian troops “sent by Putin” to the border with North Korea, head of the press service of the Russian Far East region Alexander Gordeev said Sputnik the reasons for the presence of Russian military equipment in the area.

According to him, the deployment of Russian military equipment was organized in advance and is part of a training program.

“All equipment and troop movements are conducted in accordance with the military training plan. The region’s troops are being tested for the winter period from April 3 to 29, “Gordeev said.


As part of the first examination phase, 22 maneuvers have already been completed.

“Units rise to the alarm and carry out forced marches, including on unknown polygons,” he continued.

In addition, military personnel had previously carried out extensive exercises on the piloting of anti-aircraft and airplane systems in the Republic of Buryatia on the south shore of Lake Baikal – the equipment also returned from there, as well as Transbaikalia, Trained gunners, Gordeev said.

Earlier in the week, the Daily Mail published an article titled “Putin deploys troops to the border between Russia and North Korea after China also sent its military to the border, fearing that Trump might attack Kim Jong-un, generating a wave of refugees “, against a background of growing tensions between Washington and Pyongyang.

Credit:, Daily Mail


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