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Russia Cancels $20 Billion In Debt Of African Countries

President Vladimir Putin said that Russia had canceled the debt of African countries in excess of $ 20 billion.
To help the African continent overcome poverty, Russia has decided to cancel more than $ 20 billion in debt contracted by African countries.

“As part of the initiative to help the poorest and most heavily indebted countries, we have canceled more than $ 20 billion in debt for the benefit of different African countries,” Putin said. Russian media.

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The Russian leader announced the initiative following a meeting with Guinean President Alpha Condé
Vladimir Putin added that in 2016, Russia had allocated $ 5 million to the African countries through the Organization of African Unity The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.

***Via Sputniknews

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  1. Lets see what price Africa will have to pay for this. The white man doesn’t give anything away for free, even though they have raped Africa of her natural resources for centuries.

  2. Africa was raped of her natural resources for centuries by the European devils. I am hoping that there is nothing attached to this 20M dollars

  3. Africa is slowly becoming the largest free world market within itself this is what I’m thinking that they are out to control.

  4. Oh, shut up. White is an attitude, not a color. The Russians are not the Khazars.

    There is a reason why the ‘cabal-controlled’ media maligns the Russians constantly, even insofar as literally attempting to frame them for the sedition acts that they THEMSELVES perpetrated, using the same propaganda tactics as they did sixty years ago during the Cold War.

    Do some research, catch up.

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