Russia: Any US Missile Fired on Syria Will be Shot Down and their Provenance Will be Attacked

On the al-Manar channel, the Russian ambassador to Lebanon reportedly warned that any US missile that could be fired at Syria would be shot down and the sites from which they left would be struck back.

Russian Ambassador to Lebanon Alexander Zassipkin warned the United States against the use of force in Syria.

“Russia will execute its President’s statement on any US aggression against Syria, by firing US missiles and attacking launch sites,” the diplomat told al-Manar channel.


US President Trump had previously discussed the possibility of Washington using force in  Syria , commenting on the alleged chemical attack in Duma on April 7. Russian military experts, who visited the scene, did not discover traces of chemical weapons in Duma. The Syrian authorities also deny the information on the attack. The Russian Foreign Ministry believes that the dissemination of false information on the chemical attack in Duma is intended to justify foreign military interference.

The  UN Security Council on  Tuesday discussed two draft resolutions, a Russian and an American, on the establishment of a new investigative mechanism on the use of chemical weapons in Syria. The project proposed by the United States was blocked by Russia while the Russian project did not get the necessary votes to be adopted.


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