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Russia: A Priest Forcibly Plunges a Baby Into Holy Water to Exorcise (Video)

A priest appeared in church court after a video of him violently plunging a baby’s head three times into holy water while the child screamed.

Ilia Semiletov was suspended from her post at the Russian Orthodox Church for the violent baptism of the two-year-old girl.

Although the girl’s parents did not complain, her mother admitted that the girl “cried because she was afraid of the priest”. One of Semiletov’s parishioners at St. George’s Convent in Yessentuki revealed that the priest had told him that children and newborns should be “smitten” because “Satan lives in them”. “I remember how scared I was when he started talking nonsense.”

The baptism took place in 2016, but a video was recently shared online. In the pictures, we can hear people screaming during the ceremony.

Archpriest Mikhail Samokhin of the Diocese of Pyatigorsk and the Circassian Diocese said: “The priest was too brutal. He has been suspended from his duties and will be tried by the church court. All is well with the girl. His parents did not complain. “

“The child has not suffered an injury, God forbid. The diocese emphasized that the sacrament was celebrated according to all the canons, with a triple immersion in the baptismal funds. All the necessary prayers have been delivered, “he added.


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