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Russia 2018: The Unbelievable Secret of France’s Blaise Matuidi Revealed by His Father

Strong man of Didier Deschamps, Blaise Matuidi was tenured during the match against Belgium. However, this blue almost did not have the trajectory that it follows at this moment.

Even if Matuidi did not play against Uruguay, he remains an asset for the France team. In the columns of the team, we discover a great secret of the French footballer. His endurance, Matuidi was born with. This is revealed by his father Faria Rivelino Matuidi who remembers the circumstances of the birth of Blaise.


“With my wife, we had a pact: limit ourselves to four children (laughs)! Madame had a great job, and so did I. For us, four was enough. Then this fifth child (Blaise) arrived, “he revealed. ”  We then contacted a doctor (to abort). But, finally, we kept it because my wife is a very religious person. She said to me, ‘Next time I will take my precautions, but what is given to us (by God), we keep it’, “ he said. ”  The shadow of God always hangs over us. We are Catholic Christians. Religion is important to Blaise too, “he added.

This faith, Matuidi knew how to keep it in the field. Indeed, the number 14 blues each time makes a religious sign, the top of its 30 years. While he was suspended for the quarterfinals, he spread his talents on the green carpet of Russia in the semifinal.


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