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Russia 2018: Photo of President Macron Celebrating the Victory of the Blues Goes Viral

He made the “return of France” its international motto. Sunday night, after the victory of the Blues in the final of the World Cup, Emmanuel Macron exulted from the podium and then in the locker room, where he greeted the players. Among the images of the French president during this evening, one in particular caught the attention: that taken in the gallery, where we see the head of state standing, fists in the air, in the process of celebrate the performance of the France team against Croatia.

“Macron is loose”

The cliché has toured many foreign media, becoming the symbol of this evening on the political level. He notably made the front page of the British newspaper  Times , before being shared on Twitter by the Italian newspaper  La Repubblica , the American channels CNN and ESPN, the latter being specialized in the sport.

“The French president, Emmanuel Macron. We love it, “wrote ESPN. “The seal of presidential approval: Emmanuel Macron is loose and celebrates the victory of France at the World Cup,” commented CNN Sports.

“Best dab of history”

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Brahim Thiam, the former Malian international and current consultant of Bein Sports, saw there the “best dab in history”. This is also the image chosen by the emir of Qatar, host country of the next World Cup, to congratulate the French president on the social network.

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